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On Private Money Billboard, learn how to become a private lender. Every bank started with one loan at a time you don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to start lending money you can start with as little as five hundred dollars! earn 5, 10, 15 to 25 percent or more on your investment secured by real estate. This website is here to help you locate and find solid investments and solid lending partners. Build A profile and get started today.

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Allen  Cowgill

private lending made easy

Do you wish you had more in-depth understanding of finding and
using private money for your Real Estate deals?

Maybe you are just afraid to use private lenders because you don’t
know basic information about the do’s and don’ts?

Or maybe you don’t want to invest in a high priced home study system to get the information to determine if private lenders are right for you?

Do you currently have private lenders but wonder if you are making the right choices to keep you out of hot water?

Just imagine not having to find your way through frustrating, and
expensive, trial & error.

Not only can you enjoy fast, easy access to answers to important private lending questions, but also it can easily shave months off of your learning curve.

Click here to see my new site where you will be able to instantly access 8,000 private lenders.

See who is loaning money in your own back yard.

Just give it a test drive and experience the power.
This link will take you to all you need to know about private money lending.And the SEC rules

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Discover How To Profit $40,000+
Over and Over Again Using The Only Real Estate Strategy You’ll Ever Need To Know

By The End Of This FREE Training Event, You’ll Know:
How To Close 3-6 $40,000.00+ Profit Deals Each Month… Without Ever Putting Up A DIME Of Your Own Money!

WARNING: There is extremely high demand for this event… and we have a limited number of spots.
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Cameron Dunlap
Webinar: Flip Houses Nationwide & Get 600,000 In Funding For An Unlimited Number Of Deals

Join me below for a very special webinar where I’ll show you how to crack the code, do more deals and cash more checks fast using my NO fee funding!

I’ll be doing this training a few times, so choose the time that fits your schedule best and discover:

1 – How to get immediate access to up to $600,000 to use for closing all of your real estate deals…With NO FEE’s and NO POINTS!

2 – How to completely and legally bypass this Dodd-Frank nonsense so that you can focus on what’s most important, doing more deals!

You’ll also discover how to use a powerful piece of proprietary software to find the most profitable deals andturn them into $15,000 profit checks, on average in 2-3 weeks or less.

PLUS – when you reserve your spot now you’ll also get access to a special report called “Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Into Real Estate”, normally a $37 Value, yours absolutely FREE today!

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eddie speed

Eddie Speed 

will show you the secret strategies that the hedge funds DON’T want you to know… about how they really get great prices on properties around the country. The VSL ultimately reveals that the “secret” is buying defaulted notes… from hedge funds (and other sources). The VSL has great case studies and breaks down the business into something that an average person with some real estate investing knowledge can understand.

The offer itself is for a 5-module training course with 3 Bonuses:

1. “Talking to the Hedge Funds” script
2. “Expert Positioning Strategy” Module that shows you how to come across as credible to note sellers
3. Advanced IRA Strategies for Using Notes to Build Wealth.

Want to get close and personal with the most knowledgeable Discounted Note
Buyer in the World?

Well here is your chance but seating is limited…

The Note Business is now the hottest topic in all of real estate and for good

reason. The “paper” side of the real estate industry is seeing amazing growth:

  • The inventory of Non-performing and under performing notes are at all
    time highs.
  • Lenders are realizing that it is more beneficial for them to sell the note
    rather than go through the time and cost of a foreclosure and property
  • Government entities Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and now HUD and FHA
    have switched their focus from foreclosures and REO properties to
    selling the notes because it helps the consumer and housing market
    much more efficiently.

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Discover Top Investors’ #1 Preferred Way to Generate $3,000 to $20,000+ in Passive Income Each Month

“The Banker’s Code: How to Use Bankers’ Secrets to Generate
Consistent Passive Income More Safely … and a Lot Less Work

If you’re like 90% of investors, you want to generate passive income. But the most common investment vehicles – like real estate, running a business, or gambling on the stock market – require huge risks and investments of your time and money … for very little reward.

Top investors approach passive income generation differently. During this powerful 75 minute training webinar, you’ll discover their centuries-old strategy for generating thousands of dollars in passive income each month. Without investing hours of time – and without gambling with their own money.




The FIND MOTIVATED SELLERS NOW training course and database allows students to instantly see every VACANT house in their market with the push of a button (Owner’s name, mailing address, property value, and much more). They are also able to see EVERY PROPERTY WITH HIGH EQUITY in their local market (even over 10 million properties owned “Free And Clear”).

This program is designed to generate highly motivated seller leads who can actually SELL without Headaches, Banks, Title Issues, etc. The student can become the “Go To” Source in their market since they have a new source of leads that NO ONE else knows about. For More Details, See

Free Book: How To Get Rich in Real Estate by Preston Ely

how to get rich in real estate

Real Estate Millionaire Reveals Secret Sauce! (FREE book!)

WOW. Check this video out … <— click to play video (2:13)

How To Get Rich In Real Estate: This high school dropout was bankrupt, divorced, clinically depressed, and had a severe learning disorder … but he managed to get rich in real estate anyway. He did it while behind on all his bills, with ruined credit, no experience and no connections. His back was totally up against the wall.

Now he’s written a book documenting step-by-step how he did it as a way to pay it forward to the universe. And he’s giving it away FOR FREE.

There’s only 5,000 in print. Once they’re gone they’re gone. They may be gone. I don’t know. My favorite part in the video is the beginning with all the people showing the money they made after reading it. Crazy.

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Flip Houses For Profit with FreedomSoft


(The Easy Way)

FreedomSoft Freedom$oft Mission Control is a BRAND NEW Freedomsoft.

It’s been redesigned from the bones up to make it a 1000 times better and WAY stickier than ever before.

How did we do that?

By giving real estate investors (both new and experienced) the tools they really need to succeed.

We’ve expanded the audience of Freedom$oft BEYOND the new investor and wholesaler and have created a suite of tools that even the most experienced real estate investors can get excited about.

We’ve created a sales funnel to help you maximize your front-end income with a Premium offer of $997 that unlocks every advanced feature inside Freedom$oft, while simultaneously maximizing your monthly recurring revenue.

Nearly 70% of Freedom$oft has been re-designed, re-built and re-launched.

Including releasing:

> The BRAND NEW automated leads campaign builder
> A fully integrated SMS & Voicemail leads management system
> Updated and fully redesigned Direct Mail creator & mail system
> A 1-click Rehab Estimator that provides LOCAL ESTIMATES
> Powerful deal analyzers for both Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold deals
> RehabbersGPS Project Manager – (A Full Construction Suite)

free webclass (a webinar) and a 14-day FREE Trial of the Freedom$oft system. 

Has EVERYTHING You Need to Make Money in Real Estate: Motivated Sellers, Cash Buyers, Private Lenders, Comps, Websites, One-Click Marketing Tools, and So Much More


freedom soft

Get Local Repair Estimates For Any House Nationwide

You can use this estimator any time to help analyze your numbers, negotiate better deals, double check your contractors and a whole lot more. Test it out…give it a try RIGHT NOW. Enjoy.


Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start with Larry Goins


“Finally, There’s a Real Estate Course That Gives You a Step-by-Step System for Earning Money from your Home Office”

Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start

CD-Complete audio training from 3 day live event
Book-Complete slide presentation
Book-Website Directory
DVD 30 Minutes of Success
A personal message from Larry Goins
2 Boot camp tickets
A 30 minute 1 on 1 strategy session with a consultant
Real estate action plan
CD-Filthy Riches intro
CD-Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine intro

Order the course today for just $67Real Estate Jump Start is a course for real estate investors. It teaches you how to invest in properties online, using techniques to buy and sell homes from your own home office. The Jump Start course is based on the best selling book Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading, which is available in book stores everywhere.

Larry Goins and his team of investors use this strategy to buy and sell 10 – 30 houses a month, without ever leaving their office in Lake Wylie, SC. This real estate course teaches you the same strategies that Investors Rehab uses to wholesale properties in ten different states, but the strategy is designed to work in any market, and Larry has students in every state in the USA, as well as over a dozen countries worldwide, utilizing his system.

For More Details, See

Kent Clothier Real Estate Training

Kent Clothier Real Estate Training


Kent Clothier Real Estate Training

You Will Be Amazed At What You Now Have At Your Fingertips.

Kent Clothier is the country’s leading real estate wholesaling expert. His family’s company, Memphis Invest is one of the leading real estate investment companies in the country – flipping hundreds of single family homes each year (452 in 2012).

Kent and his team changed the entire real estate industry in 2008 with the release of their software and wholesale education platform – Find Cash Buyers Now. Since then, they have continued to provide the best tools and services to the industry with Find Private Lenders Now, Find Comps Now, and the Clothier Success Institute. Kent is also a best-selling author with Reverse Wholesaling: How To Work Backwards To Make Quick Cash In Real Estate… Without Money, Credit Or Experience.

  • Instantly see EVERY VACANT house in your market with the push of a button (Owner’s name, mailing address, property value, and much more)
  • Instantly see EVERY PROPERTY WITH HIGH EQUITY in your local market (even over 10 million properties owned “Free And Clear”)
  • Have Your Phones Ringing Within 48 Hours From HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLERS that can actually SELL without Headaches, Banks, Title Issues, and every other B.S. situation out there
  • Become The “Go To” Source for all your competitors (let your competition fight over the same old deals. You now have a new source that NO ONE in your market even knows about)

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